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Kids Dentistry Epping Patients Will Love

Here at Lyndarum Family Dentist, we understand the importance of tooth development in children. This is why we urge parents to bring their children for a 6 monthly check-up. With our brand of caring and gentle kids dentistry in Epping, we’re able to follow your child’s development, enabling us to spot, diagnose and treat any dental problems early.

We’re dedicated to first-class paediatric dentistry in Epping

It’s a common misconception that child’s teeth aren’t as important as adult teeth but this just isn’t true! On the contrary, primary teeth play an important role in the child’s jaw development, paving the way for strong, healthy, and straight teeth in later life.

Children’s dentistry in Epping – Your child’s first visit

People often ask us when they should bring their child in for their first dental visit. The answer is as soon as their first tooth makes an appearance, or before their first birthday. This enables us to track tooth development using gentle and well-practised techniques.

Perhaps, the most important factor is that we make your child’s first dental visit fun and exciting. We’re confident in delivering a brand of kids dentistry, Epping patients will love. This includes creating a strong rapport with your child, allowing us to build trust while also, making each visit educational so they understand the importance of looking after their teeth. We want your child to develop good dental habits for life and we believe that this starts now!

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Our treatments and services include:

  • Dental check-ups and hygiene cleaning
  • First dental visits
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Early (interceptive) orthodontic care
  • Applying dental sealants
  • Cavity detection and treatment
  • Tooth-coloured fillings
  • X-Rays
In addition, we also offer hints, tips, and advice for parents about the best ways of helping their child to look after their teeth. This includes:

  • How to explain the importance of dental care to your child
  • Top toothbrushing tips to ensure continued oral health
  • How to help your child brush their teeth properly and,
  • How to make oral care fun for your child
As you can see, when it comes to kids dentistry in Epping, we have it covered. If you’re looking for an experienced and caring dentist to take control of your child’s first dental visit, then look no further than Lyndarum Family Dentist. We make dental visits for kids both fun and stress-free, so book an appointment today and see for yourself. We guarantee that your child is in safe and experienced hands.

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