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Need Dentures? Epping-Based Lyndarum Family Dentist Can Help

If you’re in need of dentures, Epping-based Lyndarum Family Dentist provides a range of full and partial dental prosthetics designed to look incredibly lifelike. Gone are the clunky-looking pink gum dentures of old that never looked quite right and in their place are modern, lightweight replacements designed to mimic real gums and teeth. In essence, we take the time to address your needs and requirements to give you dentures that not only restore your smile but can also restore your confidence.

Check out the types of dentures we offer at our Epping clinic…

Partial dentures

Epping residents will be pleased to know that we have various options for replacing several or more missing teeth. One such option is the partial denture. It’s designed to fill the gap left by missing teeth to recreate a seamless smile while also restoring chewing functionality. Secured in place by metal clasps, it provides a cheaper, non-surgical alternative to dental implants.

Full dentures

A conventional full denture is designed to replace an entire arch of teeth. Our dentures in Epping have a natural gum-coloured base that either fits over the upper roof of your mouth or alternatively, sits comfortably on the lower gum in a horseshoe shape. Natural-looking and durable crowns are then attached to the base to complete the transformation.
Implant-supported dentures
Another option is implant-supported dentures. As the name suggests, these are either fixed or removable dentures that are attached to and supported by dental implants. This is a more costly option and does involve a surgical process. However, implant-retained dentures also have many advantages.
When it comes to choosing the right dentures, our Epping dentists will ensure that you are given all the information you need.

We believe that the right dentures shouldn’t cause you embarrassment or frustration; instead, they should look natural without compromising your oral health. So besides listening closely to your needs and concerns, we’ll ensure correct measurements are taken for an exceptional and comfortable fit. Furthermore, we only utilise top quality materials and take real care when selecting the colour and shape of your denture teeth so that they look as natural as possible – no ‘piano key’ teeth here! Ultimately we make sure that all the boxes are ticked so you’ll have a lifelike functional smile you can be proud of.

The benefits of choosing us for your dentures in Epping

  • Our highly trained dental team are committed to serving you
  • Each dentist at our clinic looks after your needs with discretion and sensitivity
  • We focus on what’s important to you
  • Our dental team use only the highest-grade materials that comply with Australian Safety Standards
  • We always deliver what we say, ensuring that your denture needs in Epping are met.
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If you’re interested in quality dentures, Epping based Lyndarum Family Dentist can help. We’re currently offering 20% off dentures, so call today on 03 9626 9581 and book a consultation. Are you ready to transform your smile?

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