If you have lost a tooth, dental implant treatment provides you with the most permanent tooth replacement option. Because there are so many variables involved in drawing up a treatment plan, the only way to know for certain what your dental implant cost is going to be, is to get a consultation at your local dental clinic. The good news is that we have conducted some research, to determine the average dental implants cost locally, so you can plan ahead.


Dental Implants Cost: Why You Can’t Get A Price Over The Phone

It’s important to understand how dental implant treatment works before you understand dental implant cost. Having dental implants is a process that takes a few months to complete, and it is divided into different phases or stages. Each patient requires different stages to replace a tooth, and each patient heals at different rates. Having dental implants is a surgical procedure that takes time, skill and planning to complete. 

Your dental implants cost and treatment plan will factor in

  • How many implants you need
  • How complex or straightforward your procedure will be
  • Whether you need tooth extractions, a bone graft or a sinus lift
  • Your dental practitioner’s rates


So, How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

Smile.com.au provides an average of between $3000 and $5500 per tooth for straightforward dental implant treatment, while finder.com.au provides a broader price range of between $2,000 and $7,000 per tooth. Smile.com.au states that in the event you require a bone graft, you can expect to pay up to $11,500 per dental implant. 

If you are missing an entire arch of teeth and are interested in the all-on-four procedure, you can expect a price range of between $17 000 and $30 000 for your treatment.



The Benefits Of Dental Implant Treatment: Why It’s Worth It

If dental implants cost seems high to you, it’s important to remember to consider the length of time that your dental implant should last. 

Dentures may seem cheaper initially but you can expect to replace them every seven to ten years. Dental bridges may last up to 15 years with good care. While one dental implant may last for the rest of your lifetime, other tooth replacements require maintenance and may need replacement on a regular basis. Dental implant treatment provides you with a stable and permanent way to replace lost or missing teeth. 


Does Health Insurance Cover Dental Implants Cost?

If your health insurance policy has extras cover for Major Dental, it may cover some portion of your dental implants cost. If your policy does offer cover for dental implants cost, it will be included under the periodontics section of Extras cover. If dental implants are not excluded under your periodontics cover, you may be able to claim from your health insurance. Check with your insurance provider after you have visited a dentist that offers consultation, however you may be subject to a 12 month waiting period before you will be able to submit a claim. 


Does Medicare Cover Dental Implant Cost?

Medicare typically does not cover dental procedures unless they are affecting your overall health and wellbeing. If this is the case, you would need to get a referral from your general practitioner.


What Stages Are Involved In Placing A Dental Implant?

Each dental implant procedure typically begins with a consultation where your dental practitioner will give you a physical exam and take x rays of your mouth. You will be interviewed about your medical history to ensure you are eligible to have implants.

The stages that are followed may resemble:

  • If your damaged tooth is still in your mouth, it will need to be extracted and any decay removed treatment price tooth implant epping
  • If you have been missing a tooth for some time, you may need a bone graft in order to support your dental implant
  • If your dentist is satisfied that you have enough healthy jaw bone, he or she will be able to place your dental implant in a surgical procedure. Once this is done you will undergo a healing process that could take up to three months for the implant to integrate with your jaw.
  • Once the implant has integrated securely with your jaw, you will return for the fitting of the abutment, which will connect the dental implant to the crown. This is also a surgical procedure that will require healing once it is complete. 
  • When this stage of healing is over, it will be time for your dental crown to be fitted. Your dental practitioner will match your dental crown to the size, shape and colour of your natural teeth.

Your dental implant cost will depend on the procedures that your dentist needs to perform to replace your missing tooth. Once your dentist has inspected your mouth and teeth, he or she will prepare a treatment plan and cost estimate that will indicate what your dental implants cost is going to be. If there are any alternative treatments available, your dental practitioner will advise you. 


To find out more about dental implant cost, book a dental consultation near you; Contact us for an appointment: (03) 9626 9581.




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