Do you hesitate to smile because of your missing or damaged teeth? The truth is everyone goes through the phase of losing teeth, and if you have more than one missing tooth, then it may affect not only your confidence levels and eating habits but also your facial features.

Dental implant treatment is increasingly becoming a popular option as a replacement for missing teeth in cosmetic dentistry.  The implants are made up of titanium metal with three main parts, the root, the abutment, and the crown. They not only look natural and are long-lasting but provide support to your jawbone preventing bone loss. The cost of dental implants starts at $3000 AUD and can increase depending on various factors. This article will help you understand the cost of a tooth implant and the influencing factors.


Why does tooth loss happen? loss can be caused by several factors some of which are listed below for you:

  •  Irregular brushing and flossing causing tooth decay
  • A failure of the root canal procedure
  • Periodontitis or infected gums 
  •  Injury to the mouth / oral trauma
  • Genetic disorders
  • Age-related tooth loss


Why choose dental implants?

While your dentist will determine whether or not you are a good candidate for the dental implant procedure, it is important to first understand the benefits of dental implants and the reason why it may be the most suitable option. 


Natural-looking teeth

No one wants teeth that look fake and may fall out anytime while talking or eating, like with dentures. One of the biggest advantages of dental implants is that they are designed to look and feel just like your natural teeth. Once the implant is fixed, you won’t even realise you have dental prosthetics. 


No special maintenance

There is no special toothpaste or specific dental products to use for dental implants. If you are conscious of oral health and take regular care as you do for your natural teeth, then there is a possibility your dental implants may even last you a lifetime. Routine care involves brushing twice a day and flossing before going to bed.


Provide stability to adjacent teeth

A gap from a missing tooth causes the next tooth to tilt towards the gap. The tilt can pull the tooth out of its original position and can make chewing food difficult. A tooth implant keeps the next-in-line teeth stable and in their respective positions.


Facial sagging

Facial sagging and early aging take place as a consequence of bone loss originating from tooth loss. The outline of your face starts to change closing in the distance between your chin and nose. It also increases fine lines and wrinkles. Having a tooth implant at the right time can prevent facial disfiguration.



Factors affecting the cost of tooth implant

Dental implants are not just an ordinary dental restorative procedure. It is a  surgical procedure that is carried out very carefully after a detailed examination by your dentist. The process may involve a series of preliminary procedures depending on your oral health, which may contribute to an increase in the overall cost. Click this link.


  • Bone Grafting and Sinus Uplift

The dental implant has a titanium post that is placed in the gums to act like a strong tooth root. For the root to be stable and strong to hold the implant, your gums should be healthy. Weak gums with bone loss are not fit for the surgical process. In this case, your dentist will perform a bone graft process which will allow your gum to hold the implant. The gums take around 4 weeks to heal completely.

If there is not enough bone to support the implant in the upper jaw, then a sinus lift is performed. Inadequate bone support in the upper jaw can cause the implant to penetrate into the sinus causing serious health conditions. 


  • Material

Dental implants are created with a biocompatible material that is meant to merge with the jaw bone without any issues. Your dentist may choose between titanium and zirconium to see which one is more suitable for you. The cost would depend upon the material chosen. 


  • Tooth removal

 Decayed and broken teeth need to be removed before the dental implant. Your dentist will remove the damaged tooth from the site and prescribe a course of antibiotics to heal the wound and avoid any infection before setting you up for a dental implant. 


  • Dental testing

Tests such as x-rays and scans to get a close look at what your dentist is dealing with and to rule out any possible complications during and after surgery can also add to the dental implant cost.


Go to Implant procedure

Typically, the process of dental implant is done in three sittings. Once the metal post is installed in the jaw bone, it takes anywhere between six weeks to three months in order to complete “osseointegration” which is a process that joins the bone with the implant, if it does not occur, then the implant will eventually fail.

After successful integration, your dentist will finish off the procedure by placing a crown on the abutment.


How to care for dental implants?

Below are some guidelines for you to follow in order to ensure good aftercare:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Eat soft and easy-to-chew food to avoid straining the bone
  • Complete the course of prescription medicines advised after the surgery
  • Smoking contributes to the failure of the implant; it should be fully avoided.
  • A follow-up with the dentist to monitor the healing process.


What can go wrong with dental implant surgery?

There is always some degree of risk involved with all dental-surgical procedures. If dental implant placement is not done by a professional, then it could be placed too close to a nerve leading to temporary or permanent numbness, tingling, and loss of sensation in the face, lips, gums, or tongue.


Don’t hide your smile anymore!

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